Rise-Tec ladders

Welcome to the world of Rise-Tec ladders – a new generation of ladder technology!

Our aim is to supply tradesmen with quality aluminium ladders at an affordable price through specialist retailers. To this end, we manufacture unique ladder profiles in Germany which offer maximum stability and resistance to breaking.


In addition to delivering top quality products, our company excels in terms of flexibility and customer service.


We – Stefan and Heiko Hassler – want to supply you – the professional tradesman – with aluminium ladders tailored to you and the jobs at hand through your trusted specialist retailer.


You can find information about our newly developed product range on our website and the associated catalogues.


It is no secret that us brothers grew up in the family business HACA, and therefore know ladder production inside out.


Why not just test our approach? We’re looking forward to working with you!


We won’t stand for less!


The Technology


When developing our side rail profiles, we paid special attention to resistance to breakage. After all, that is crucial in everyday use.


We call that the punch resist effect, which is integrated into all ladder series.



Add to that useful details that make work safer and a little easier, e.g.


  • Extra wide rungs and steps for comfortable and secure hold
  • Rungs and steps with fluting increase slip-resistance
  • Flanged connection from side rail to rung and step as a permanently stable connection
  • typical wear parts are replaceable
  • practical accessories



Details are provided under ladder series and in the catalogues.



Stefan und Heiko Hassler

Our Ladders

are based on special profiles allocated to the intended use. That allows us to classify them by performance class:




Yellow Label

Perfect for the demanding hobby user, DIY enthusiast and occasional use.

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red label

Red Label

The ladder for professional use at an affordable price.

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purple label

Purple Label

The top product for permanent industrial and trade use or the demanding private user.

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We manufacture in Germany (Bad Camberg) with dedicated and technically adept employees to achieve maximum product quality.

The images give you some idea. Simply click on each picture to enlarge it.



Rise-Tec corporate buildings

Two brothers – One team – The top product

We – Stefan and Heiko Hassler, two brothers from HACA Leitern – founded Hassler & Hassler GmbH u. Co. KG on the premises of our family firm Lorenz Hasenbach GmbH u. Co. KG (HACA) together with our dedicated team.


How does that fit together?

More than 130 years of experience, a love for family tradition and profound know-how, combined with the fresh, new and own ideas of a younger generation create a totally new product range for specialist retail. And all of that “under one roof”.


That’s how the Rise-Tec brand was born.

With the Rise-Tec brand, we aim to bring together the well-known quality standard of HACA and new innovations.

Rise-Tec are aluminium ladders for professional and private use that are even safer, even tougher and even more durable.


Our side rail profile is key!

The current standard ladder rail comprises a rectangular hollow profile. Yet, there are other shapes that offer far greater resistance against dents and bulges. We used that to our advantage, and integrated this to offer greater breakage resistance.

We call it the “punch resist effect”.

These profiles are unique in Germany and became the basis of our production.


What difference does the punch resist effect make in real life?

If you work with ladders day in, day out, you are bound to know that a tool or component will often fall onto a ladder rail, or a ladder will slip and hit an edge, or the side rail is knocked during transport.


Have you ever wondered how deep the dent or bump is that resulted from that impact?


And did you know that this spot will be weakened if the ladder has a traditional rectangular aluminium rail profile? And that it can break without prior warning at some point?


Most people pay no attention to it and simply carry on – at the resulting risk of an accident. This can lead to personal injury or property damage, as well as work absences. On top of that, liability insurance and the occupational health and safety agency often have to be involved.


In contrast, our “punch resist effect” – created through the design of our novel rail profiles – achieve a Rise-Tec ladder that maintains stability. Quite literally so.


Damage through tools and impact like described above will typically not result in any major weakening of the aluminium structure. That means you can keep on working safely!


Rise-Tec ladders

I won’t stand for less!



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Here you can find our catalogues and the respective manuals for your ladder for download and flipping through.




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