Yellow Label

Our cost-efficient Yellow Label aluminium ladders: Perfect for the demanding hobby user, DIY enthusiast and occasional use.


Yellow Label is a pure rung ladder series. The C-profile used here increases resistance of dents thanks to the punch resist effect.




Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 131, they conform to “professional class” ladders.


Yellow Label ladders are available as 2-part combi ladders and 1-part and 2-part single ladders.
Yellow Label is available in the following variants:



Rung ladder
Single ladder
2-part single ladder
2-part combi ladder



Useful details:

  • Resistance of dents thanks to the punch resist effect
  • Rungs with fluting increase slip-resistance
  • Extra wide 30x30 mm rungs
  • Flanged connection from side rail to rung and step as a permanently stable connection
  • Extremely slip-resistant latter bases, replaceable when worn
  • Low weight